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Distrø aims to be THE distribution.

Kernel agnostic, libc agnostic, compiler agnostic.

The main targeted operating systems are Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Development will concentrate on Windows for some time (no efforts to make stuff work on Linux so it’s implied).

Why Windows?

The reason is that there are A LOT of Linux distributions while poor programmers that have to use Windows for some reason are left with not really usable stuff like cygwin (usable from the administration perspective), I feel sorry for them and I would be glad if someone made a distribution with a real package manager that also targeted Windows, so here we are.

To run on Windows we’ll use cygwin, which is a really cool project, and give the power of packø to Windows users too :)

Why Mac OS?

Well, as I said a Linux distribution is too obvious and nothing new, so I prefer to target systems which I personally think lack some important things or those things are really ugly (to meh).

The package managers that are around for Mac OS aren’t really good or flexible as packø, so I think it will be cool to support macfags :)

Why another distribution?

Because I’m not fully happy with what we’ve got, Gentoo theoretically is the perfect system but its implementation isn’t.

We’re going on with stuff that was written 10/20 years ago, and it was really good 10/20 years ago, but now it sucks pretty much.

You can keep putting layer over layer but it will still suck at the core, the best thing to do is restart with the latest technologies and cool things.

So I thought about making something easier to maintain and develop, being in love with Ruby I started writing packø which is a really cool package manager in my opinion.

And here I am, coding alone and trying to come up with something usable for myself first, and then for others.

Why should I care about this?

You shouldn’t, really, go use Ubuntu.