packø can build packages for Arch Linux's pacman by meh. in random
June 20, 2011

Yep, it’s still under testing/development, but it works, you can build packages with packø and then install them through pacman.

In the last few days I improved a lot the packaging modules, which means soon you’ll be able to also create .deb and .rpm packages.

The dependency renaming can be done through distro transforms, transforms are a new feature in packø that lets you execute external code on the RBuild::Package, in this case renaming the packages to work with a distro’s package system (to be compatible with dependency name and such).

This feature, and the opposite (install deb/rpm/pkg with packø) is one of the feature I wanted since I stared writing packø. Installation still needs to be written, but at least this is a beginning.

To create a package for Arch Linux just pass the -e pkg options to packo build package and it will create a package that works with pacman, if you also want to fix dependencies and such, clone the transforms repo and add -t /path/to/the/arch/transform.rm to the build command.